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Encore Cool Deck Coating - 5 lbs.

 Retail Price: $224.99
1 Stop: $181.99
 You Save: $43.00
Encore Cool Deck Coating - 5 lbs.


Cool™ is an easy to use water-based pool coating that when properly applied, leaves behind a beautifully textured and long-lasting pool deck. Cool™ is backed by a 10-Year Warranty. Here are a few frequently asked questions with the right answers!

What makes Cool™ different from other pool coatings?
Perhaps the biggest difference is the fact that Cool™ doesn’t rely on it’s profile to stay cool. Instead, Cool™ relies on it’s unique formulation. You see, most pool deck coatings fall into a category called “profile” coatings. Profile coatings rely on their profile of crevices and cavities to reduce the surface area that your feet come into contact with. Not only do profile coatings not work, they chip, they require lots of maintenance, they’re very hard to keep clean, and as a result, are unsanitary. Add other unique features like infinite color choices, ease of use, long service life, and competitive price, and you’ve got one great coating.

Are there other coatings like Cool™ on the market?
Cool™ is unique because it’s everything we want in a pool coating. It’s easy to apply. It’s applied with ordinary paint equipment – anyone can apply it. It’s environmentally-friendly. It can repair damaged concrete. It’s available in any color. It’s safe (ADA compliant). It’s comfortable. It’s sanitary. It’s easy to clean. It stays cool. It’s the most affordable pool deck coating on the market and, at the end of the day, it’s backed by the best warranty in the business. So, no. No other coating on the market compares to Cool™.

How do I prepare my concrete pool deck before applying Cool™?
Cool™ can repair cracks up to 1/8th inch wide in concrete. However, if you have broken, severely cracked, or spalling concrete, we recommend that you hire a professional concrete mason to make whatever repairs are necessary prior to applying Cool™. Never apply a coating to an ill-properly prepared surface. Never apply a coating over sealed concrete. Test for water repellency by pouring small amount of water in various areas of the deck. If the water beads, then there is a water-repellency feature in the concrete and it has to be removed using an acid etch. If the water is absorbed by the concrete, then you are good to go. When your concrete is ready for Cool™, thoroughly pressure wash it, making sure that you do your best to remove any oils that may be present. As a final step, make sure that any rust that may be on the surface is neutralized with an aerosol-based rust inhibitor. Allow at least 48 hours for your concrete to dry before applying Cool™.

How do I choose the right color?
Cool is unique because there is an infinite number of choices available. You simply pick the color you want and purchase one gallon of exterior semi-gloss 100% acrylic paint for each kit of Cool™ that you buy. The right color is obviously the color that you like, but keep in mind that darker colors WILL absorb more heat than lighter colors. If heat abatement is your top goal, we suggest that you pick a light-to-mid pastel. Otherwise, let your imagination rule! Ten out of Ten Toes Agree - Use a light to mid pastel for maximum heat abatement! Simply add one gallon of acrylic paint to the kit, mix, and apply. It's that simple!

How do I mix the kit?
Each Cool™ kit comes with one gallon of wet resin and a bag of dry organics. Mix using these three steps:

After emptying the kit contents, add the wet resin back to the 5-gallon pail;

Add one gallon of exterior semi-gloss 100% acrylic paint to the pail and mix; and,

Gradually add the dry organics and mix completely.

What tools are need to apply Cool™?
You will need:


  • masking tape
  • paint roller
  • paint extension handle
  • 4" brush
  • 3/8" nap roller cover(s)

How do I apply Cool™?
After masking off everything that you don’t want to accidentally coat, use the 4" brush to apply a heavy cut-in coat. We suggest that this be a heavy coat in order to avoid having to do a second cut-in coat. Feather the leading edge of the cut-in coat in order to avoid lap marks. Allow the cut-in coat to dry. Next, in an “S”-type pattern, pour a narrow strip of Cool™ approximately 5' long and set bucket down. Using the 3/8" nap roller, spread the coating evenly across the working area. Using this technique, continue applying Cool™. Allow the first coat of Cool™ to dry. Once the first coat is dry, a second coat should be applied. The second coat is approximately 80% as heavy as the first coat.

Once two coats of Cool™ are down, what’s next?
Using a variety of methods not discussed here, some Cool™ customers at this point will add decorative accents to the coating. As an important final step, we recommend that you roll one coat of clear acrylic sealer over the entire job and allow it to dry. The sealer will help keep the surface easy to maintain and will be an additional layer of protection against the weather. Cool creates a clean, beautiful, and cool surface.

Final Points:


  • Don’t apply Cool™ if rain is expected in the 24 hour forecast.
  • Like any surface, rust can discolor Cool™, but won’t likely stain it. You can prevent discoloration by placing plastic protectors on the feet of furniture and putting planters on bases.
  • Cool™ will fill in most cracks. Cracks larger than 1/8" should be patched by a professional prior to coating.
  • Cool™ will protect your concrete from freezing weather because it seals in cracks that would normally be subject to freeze/thaw cycles that destroy concrete over time.
  • You won’t find a better value. Just compare Cool™ to your next best option!
  • Covers approx. 200 sq. ft.
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