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Baracuda G3 Parts
[G3 Cleaner Parts]

Baracuda G3 Parts


Never worry about cleaning your pool again.
The Baracuda G3 from Zodiac does all the pool cleaning for you.

This top-of-the-line BARACUDA G3 cleaner will thoroughly clean your inground pool floor and walls to automatically remove dirt, debris, bugs, twigs, leaves, sand and even pebbles. Its bumper fin and anti-stick design ensure maximum coverage and increased maneuverability.

You can install the BARACUDA G3 in minutes. Since it's pre-assembled in the box, just attach the disc and Long-Life hoses. No tools are required. We even include an easy-to-follow video to show you what to do. The BARACUDA G3 also has the FLOWKEEPER, a self-adjusting water control valve and surface skimmer all in one, which automatically regulates water flow ensuring peak performance.

The BARACUDA G3 is one of the most pool-owner-friendly cleaners ever made. It has only one operational moving part, the Long-Life diaphragm. If it should ever need service, its patented Quick Release Cassette lets you remove it, service it yourself or replace it poolside.

Baracuda G3 IS QUIETER.
Other automatic pool cleaners have a flapper, which makes an annoying hammer noise. The BARACUDA G3 is built to work quickly, effectively and quietly.

ZODIAC, a leading manufacturer of automatic pool cleaners, has designed the Baracuda G3 to clean your inground pool more thoroughly, effectively, and economically than ever before. No other automatic pool cleaner is built better. So, don't take a chance on another pool cleaner, tell your ZODIAC dealer or pool professional you want the cleaner that will clean your pool like never before...the Baracuda G3. The choice has never been so simple.

 Family Products
(1) Left G3 Main Body W69541 (G3) $31.99
(2) Right G3 Main Body W69542 (G3) $24.99
(3) Float W56124 (G3) $5.99
(4) Weight W41079 (G3) $12.99
(5) Retaining Collar W69545 (G3) $12.99
(6) Cassette Chambers Upper & Lower W69559 /W70345 (G3) $14.99
(7) Long-Life Diaphragm W69698 (G3) $32.99
(8) Retaining Ring W81600 (G3) $1.99
(9) Inner Extension Pipe W56525 (G3) $25.99
(10) Cassette Outer Extension Pipe Assembly With Handnut W69540/W70236 (G3) $104.99
(11) Compression Ring W74000 (G3) $5.99
(12) Foot Flange W69732 (G3) $14.99
(13) Bumper Fin W69526 (G3) $30.99
(14) Foot Pad W72880 (G3) $37.99
(15) Finned Disc - Teal W46666 / W70329 (G3) $64.99
(16) Flowkeeper Valve W60050 (G3) $53.99
(17) 4 1/2" Connector - Aqua W33160 (G3) $10.99
(19) 45 Degree Elbow W70244 (G3) $10.99
(20)Inground Valve Cuff W63900 (G3) $14.99
(22) Hose Weight W83247 (G3) $18.99
(23A) Baracuda Replacement Hose (1 Section) W20460 (G3) $13.99
(23B) Long-Life Hose Kit (12 Sections) W83140 (G3) $140.99
(N/S) G3 Cassette Assembly Complete W70340 (G3) $115.99
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